Regissör: Mats Udd
Producent: Sheila Larsson
DOP: Niklas Panthell
B-Foto: Mats Ljungberg
Ljus: Anders Hedqvist
Produktionsassistent: Linus Nordström
Scenografi: Fathia Mohidin
Scenografiassistenter: Frida Dieckhoff, Simon Svensson
Klippare: Viktor Skogqvist
Efterarbete: Viktor Skogqvist, Christian Karlsson, Mats Udd
Tack till: Pixl Family, Spring Studio, Billebro Toffe Åkesson

Director & Producer: Olivia Kastebring
Director of Photography: Tommy Olsson
First Assistant Camera: Olle Kirchmeier
Second Assistant Camera: Anton Holm
Electrician: Mats Ljungberg
Production Coordinator: Viktor Skogqvist
VFX: Emanuel Friberg
Mood Swinger: Elin Kastlander
Make Up: Susanna Lindeborg
Editing: Viktor Skogqvist & Olivia Kastebring
Grade: Nicke Jacobsson
Audio FX: Niklas Aldén

Directed by: Air & Space / BAS
Produced by: Tommy Tysper, Record Company TEN & Air & Space
Colorist: Annika Pehrson at STOPP
Cinematography: Viktor Skogqvist
Props & Sounds: MOFO

Directors: Clara Tägtström & Johannes Helje
Director of Photography: Roy Rossovich
Editor: Viktor Skogqvist
Make Up & Hair: Amanda Ediae & Stephanie Weber
Motion Graphic Artist: Andreas Liljedahl
Title Design: Charlotte Rodenstedt, Bloody Honey
Grading & Online: Oskar Larsson, Chimney

Director: Olivia Kastebring
DoP: Adam Nilsson
Editor: Viktor Skogqvist
Grade: Adam Nilsson
Thanks to: Leif Karlsson & Mia Dahlqvist

Artist: For BDK
Music title: Open Ones Eyes
Director: Sheila Larsson & Mattias Erik Johansson
Producer: Sheila Larsson
DoP: Maja Dennhag
1st Assistant Cameraman: Emil Åstrand
2nd Assistant Cameraman: Simon Nilsson Elvås, Emelie Granqvist
3d Assistant Cameraman: Sofie Gustafsson
Light: Anders Hedqvist, Tommy Olsson
Editor/Colorist: Viktor Skogqvist
FAD: Fatima Hammami
Producer Assistant: Annizeth Åberg, Anni Eckerman, Isabelle Minou
Set designer: Sheila Larsson
Designer/Stylist: Julia Koistinen
Stylist: Samantha Braun
Make Up & Hair: Elva Ahlbin
Make Up & Hair Assistant: Elin Laine
Still Photography: Sanna Dahlén

Director: Mats Udd
DoP : Niklas Panthell
Producer: Sheila Larsson
Editor: Viktor Skogqvist
1st Assistant Cameraman: Anton Österlund
Key Grip: Andreas Lindholm
DIT & Production Assistant: Alexander Gustavson
Best Boy: Marcus Möller
Production Assistant & Runner: Olof Norelid
Makeup Artist: Mona Ali
Colorist: Niklas Panthell
Filmequipement: Light in a Room & Dagsjus AB

Direction: Mattias Erik Johansson & Isabella Rising
Director of Photography: Tommy Olsson
Editing & Grading: Viktor Skogqvist

Pirates latest flick "Unique 8" features eight of Europe's top snowboarders. Primarily shot on RED One MX’s and RED Epic's during the winter of 2011-2012. Premiered in cinemas across Europe.

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Bottom Line is the 10th annual snowboard movie from Pirate Movie Production and featuring some of the top snowboarders in the world. The 44 minutes full length video brings creative urban snowboarding as well as big backcountry booters. Shot on various formats including 16mm, Super 16mm, Super-8, HD and RED.

Principle Cinematography:
Florian Eckhart, Viktor Skogqvist, Heiko Knauer and Justin Hare

Sebastian Balser & Viktor Skogqvist

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